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Bankruptcy FAQ


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  1. What Is Bankruptcy?
  2. Who Can Start A Bankruptcy?
  3. Can I File Bankruptcy Without An Attorney?
  4. What Are The Recent Changes To The Bankruptcy Law?
  5. What Is A Joint Petition?
  6. My spouse is declaring bankruptcy; should he file alone or should we file together?
  7. What Are The Different "Chapters" In Bankruptcy?
  8. What Chapter Is Right For Me?
  9. Can I change from one chapter of bankruptcy to another?
  10. Where Can I Get More Information Concerning Bankruptcy And Bankruptcy Procedure?
  11. What Services Can A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Provide?
  12. What Does The Clerk's Office Do?
  13. Can The Clerk's Office Give Legal Advice?
  14. How do I know if a debt is secured, unsecured, priority or administrative?
  15. Do I really need a bankruptcy attorney?
  16. When filing Bankruptcy, What does "secured" or "unsecured" debt mean?
  17. What Are Exemptions In A Bankruptcy Proceeding?
  18. Where Do I File My Bankruptcy Case?
  19. Can they still foreclose on my house after I have filed bankruptcy?
  20. If I file bankruptcy, will the creditors stop harassing me?
  21. Can I stop paying my alimony and child support during my bankruptcy?
  22. Are spousal maintenance or alimony, and child support obligations dischargeable in bankruptcy?
  23. When Should I File Bankruptcy?
  24. After you file bankruptcy do you have to go to court?
  25. What Are The Alternatives to Filing Bankruptcy?
  26. Will bankruptcy discharge taxes owed?
  27. How will bankruptcy affect your credit rating?
  28. What does it mean when a bankruptcy trustee abandons property?
  29. Do I have to list all of my creditors in my bankruptcy case?
  30. What is a "discharge in bankruptcy"?
  31. When does the discharge occur?
  32. How long may credit bureaus include bankruptcy information on a credit report?
  33. How Can I Rebuild My Credit After Bankruptcy?
  34. Can bankruptcy free me from my student loans?
  35. What is Bankruptcy Fraud?