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Commercial Building Lease – Learn 7 Helpful Tips Before Signing A Building Lease Agreement

Commercial Building Lease

Tweet Potential Pitfall In Signing A Commercial Building Lease Once you sign on the line, the building is yours for the term of the lease. You need to be absolutely certain that the property can be used for your intended purpose. Some communities will require that you get a zoning compliance permit before you start…

Purchasing A Business – Learn 4 Practical Tips When Buying A Business


Tweet 1.  The Uncertainties In Purchasing A Business It is common for prospective buyers to discover that a business has specific risks associated with the purchase. For example, there may be threatened litigation or there may be a particular group of high-risk receivables. There are options available to the buyer to build in protection for…

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation Vs Arbitration

Mediation Vs Arbitration

Tweet What Is Mediation? Mediation is basically a form of negotiation with a facilitator. It does not lead to a binding decision, but instead uses an impartial third-party to encourage the antagonists to find a mutually acceptable solution. A good mediator can greatly increase the chances of settling a dispute before expensive litigation. What Is…

Legally Binding Contract – Written Contract Vs. Oral Contract


Tweet What Makes A Contract Valid? First off there must be a meeting of the minds. There will have been both an offer and an acceptance – resulting in agreement. Then there must be consideration – meaning that both parties exchange something of value. If value only comes from one direction, the value that is…

Buy Sell Agreement – 3 Benefits Why You Should Use One

Buy Sell Agreement

Tweet There are three clear benefits to using a buy-sell agreement with your business partners: 1. You control the admission of new owners – you can’t be forced to accept a business partner with whom you would have trouble working. A buy-sell agreement will typically provide the remaining owners the right to purchase the shares…

Protecting Your Assets From Your Business Debts

Asset Protection

Tweet When you form a corporation or an LLC under state law, you create a separate legal entity and provide a layer of insulation to protect your personal assets from debts of the business. Forming the entity is a great first step, but it is critically important to maintain the integrity of the separate entity. …

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